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Mid Sweden Inventions AB with registered office in Sundsvall Sweden was founded in 2017 by the main owner Krister Lind. The company business concept is to produce and promote innovations for the European and American building- and real estate market.


LevelAd is a patent adjustment device for stepless level adjustment when windows and doors are installed in buildings. LevelAd is placed in case for the window or the door at the time of the construction of the same and is ready to be used when arriving to the customer.

LevelAd eliminates the need of wooden blocks and wedges when placing the door or the window in the building. LevelAd makes it possible to stepless adjust the window or the door 0-42 mm individually on each side with a screwdriver. The only connection in the slot between the window or door and the building is two 8 mm bolts. This makes the isolation moment much easier to perform and it gives a much more efficient isolation compared with traditional ways of assembling windows and doors.

It is much easier, safer and more effective to install windows and doors equipped with LevelAd.

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